Access to affordable high speed internet is essential to a city's educational, technological and economic well-being. Other countries are far ahead of the USA in accessible and affordable high speed internet. It's time New York City offer its citizens a high speed PUBLIC internet utility.

Cities like Chattanooga, Tennessee are far ahead of NYC when it comes to cutting-edge technology. Thanks to its ultra-high-speed internet, the city has established itself as a center for innovation -- and an encouraging example for those frustrated with slow speeds and high costs from private broadband providers.

New York City prides itself on being the new High Tech Capital of America. It's time New York City offer its citizens a high speed PUBLIC internet utility.

It's time the citizens of NYC demand that its city create a high speed PUBLIC internet utility. This petition is just that. With the NYC mayoral race starting this year, we want to make a public high speed internet utility an issue in this year's mayoral race.

We want a one Gigabyte per second (upload/download) wireless internet public utility, costing less than $30 a month with no data limits. The taxpayers have already paid for the internet infrastructure that the private broadband providers are using to overcharge its citizens for a service that was paid for by the taxpayers. Well it's time we take back what is rightfully ours!

Please sign this petition and help bring New York City up to speed with the rest of the world
-- economically, technologically and educationally -- so NYC can move forward into the prosperous future.

Sign & Join the revolution!

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